It’s really been an insanely successful couple of years for Katy Perry. The phenomenal Teenage Dream was released nearly two years and it’s still as great to listen to now as it was upon that first audio encounter. If anything the album actually surprised me with it’s lasting abilities. More often than not the overexposure of chart topping hits inevitably leads listeners to becoming sick to death of the songs. This is not at all the case with Teenage Dream and I think it’s a testament to Perry and her songwriting and production team for crafting a flawless, fun filled pop masterpiece!

To be honest though, i’m a little miffed with the re release Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’s minimal amount of new material. We’re only treated to three new songs, but in fairness Katy’s a super busy lady so I suppose i’ll try and overlook it! It seems also that she chose quality over quantity which is definitely a positive and redeeming attribute of the re release. The number one single Part of Me was very catchy and a classic Katy anthem but it was really the slow burning Wide Awake and it’s accompanying lyric video that caught my attention. I really have to take my hat off to her creative team for this facebook themed lyric video. It’s so good to see an artist embracing social media for their campaigns with such an innovative and interesting approach. I thought it was extremely clever for Perry and her team to incorporate the youtube trend in which people create lyric videos to songs with the facebook timeline showcasing the highlights of her Teenage Dream, this combination ends up creating a video that in my eyes is pure marketing genius!

The last of the three new songs is Dressing Up. It gives The listener everything that we have come to love and expect from a Katy Perry song sassy vocals mixed with “subtle” references to genitalia and a crazily catchy hook. It would have been great if she could have released one or two more new songs for the re release but oh well. I guess we’ll just have to wait for her follow up to Teenage Dream, here’s hoping it’s as wonderful as its predecessor!


Summer is FINALLY here (for how long who knows but let’s not dwell on that) and what would summer be without a new Scissor Sisters’ anthem to screech along drunkenly to and destroy my vocal chords at Gay Pride this year? The sisters arrived with a poppers scented bang in 2004 and since then have gone from strength to strength and I have a feeling Magic Hour, their fourth album might be their best yet.

The band have been collaborating with some great producers and writers like Alexander Ridha from Boyz Noize, Pharell Williams, Azealia Banks and Calvin Harris who produced their recent single Only The Horses. Only the Horses has a very Calvin Harris feel to it ie it’s We Found Love part 12 but it’s still super fun and really enjoyable. And hey Calvin has obviously found a formula that works so as they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! 

My favourite track so far of the album is Let’s Have A Kiki Ana Matronic’s intro in itself is a thang of wonda! The song then bursts into this bizarre spoken word chorus that throws more gay lingo at listeners than any other pop song has ever dared. The track reminds me of a Jim Henson re enactment of one of those balls from Paris is Burning, don’t ask me why but I can just imagine muppets reading each other and throwing lots of shade.

It’s very playful and wonderfully sinister and it utilises my new favourite word hunty (hunny + cunty = hunty) so it was bound to be a stand out for me.

Magic Hour is out in two days so make sure you get yourselves to a music supplier stat and order your copy today!

Late last year, Lana Del Rey debuted her music video for Video Games which comprised of hundreds of small video clips and pictures woven together to create an evocative and effective music video. Since then we’ve seen several other artists jump on this band wagon and create their own collage type videos with varying degrees of success.

The latest band to employ this technique is MS MR with their mind blowing single Hurricane. The collage itself is masterfully done, inter splicing clips of The Spice Girls, PJ Harvey and Daria amongst seemingly thousands of other retro, and yet somewhat unrelated, clips. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I feel the video is a collage of things that inspired the song and the band in general. However, I think in some weird way there is a kind of narrative to the video, and there’s something quite emotionally stirring about it. The way it flicks from clip to clip at such a high speed creates a kind of unsettling feeling for me personally, and for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. Ultimately it really compliments the song which in my book means the video has done it’s job

The song itself reminds me a lot of Video Games in it’s haunting beauty and the fact that it’s basically the pop music equivalent to crack. The verse melody is so lovely and at first the chorus felt a little underwhelming. I think I’ve just been listening to one to many explosive Britney Spears choruses lately so I didn’t fully appreciate the subtle perdiness of Hurricane’s chorus but upon further listens I really began to appreciate the splendor of the track in its entirety. Anyway as Edna Mode says, words are useless gobble gobble gobble gobble (skip to 22 sec mark for example).

I’ll leave you with the track and video and cross my fingers that you’ll love it as much as me!

Last night as I lay in bed counting sheep, I thought to myself hey I’ll still get up at 9 A.M. even though all that Dr. Pepper I drank has guaranteed I probably won’t fall asleep till around 3 A.M. Furthermore, I’ll totally be able to competently complete all of my pre planned daily tasks. Not so shockingly, I awoke this morning without the energy to even get out of bed let alone commit to a day of strenuous vocal exercises, writing and blogging. POOR ME (notes of sympathy are more than welcome in the comments section)!

Ok enough of the pity parade, I thought I’d share some joy in the form of the musical stylings of the wonderfully gothic Charli XCX. I’ve already blogged about this young woman’s abundance of talent and great pop songs, but with the release of her new track I’ll Never Know and the impending release of You’re The One/Dancing In the Dark (I’m a bit unsure of the title at the moment but never the less the song is cracking!) I thought why not do another post on her, she’s definitely worth it!

Charli XCX has shown great promise from the beginning, tracks like Stay Away and Nuclear Seasons introduced the world to her unique brand of Synth Pop. With You’re The One/Dancing In the Dark (which is still unreleased but is being performed in varying acoustic formats to great success) she brings listeners deeper into the dark world of Charli XCX and delivers this brilliantly melodramatic love song. The track has very eerie and bleak verses which break into an unexpectedly pretty arpeggiated chorus, I feel like if Dracula covered a Kate Bush song it would sound like this ie IT’S AMAZING.

With I’ll Never Know we see a more vulnerable and softer side to Charli and her music. The song is driven by a lovely little piano riff, that is either a sample of the piano part in Saturday Night by Whigfield or an obvious nod to it, and Charli’s gorgeous vocals. I think this track really solidified my love for this woman’s music. At first I was a little underwhelmed it’s not at all what you would expect from Charli, neither vocally nor production wise, it’s very simple and sparse and upon first listen and seemingly light and sunshine filled. However, further inspection reveals the sombre theme in the lyrics and further listens ensure the song slowly wriggles it’s way inside your head with no intention of budging from it’s position! With already a collection of magical pop songs under her belt Charli XCX is shaping up to become one of the most interesting female pop acts making an impact in the mainstream pop world. Kudos to her and I’m sure she won’t let any of us down and will continue to release AWE inspiring and genre defying musical masterpieces!

In Awe Of…GCB

Oh my Good Christian Bitches (or Good Christian Belles) what will I do without you? This week, ABC revealed the sad news that GCB will not be returning to our screens for another season. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it focussed on the life of Amanda Vaughn (played by Leslie Bibb) a recent widow who moves back home to Dallas Texas to live with her mother. The show centres on  Vaughn’s readjustment to life in Dallas and the “friendship” she rekindles with some of her old high school classmates.

I really think the cancellation of the show is such a wasted opportunity. There really isn’t any other comedy of this kind on television right now and with such a talented collection of hilarious performers and writers, I feel the show had so much more to give. To be fair though, the cancellation isn’t that surprising as the show seemed to causing quite the controversy stateside amongst many religious groups claiming the show was an attack on the Christian faith and values. The thing with GCB is that it was always a light hearted romp that yes, poked fun at the hypocrisies possessed by some (well maybe more than some) members of the Christian community. However, there was never any malice or vindictiveness behind the jabs and at times, I felt GCB showed a really positive portrayal of the modern christian trying to balance today’s societal practices with their faith driven beliefs.

I think part of the shows downfall may have partially lay in the hands of the marketing department. A big issue for the show was the name, Christian groups thought it was offensive and the use of the word bitch to refer to women was also criticised  as offensive. I can’t help but think the show may have alienated viewers with it’s title. It may have put off Christian viewers who assumed the show would be 40 minutes of cheap shots at Christians. For secular viewers perhaps the idea of a 40 minute show revolving around the lives of Christians sounded a little bit too much like a Sunday morning church service. Of course this all just me speculating, but I do think the reason the show didn’t take off in the way that it should have lied in the way the show was being perceived by the public.

Kristen Chenoweth, who is hilarious in the show, had a great response for the fanatical critics of the show,  “I certainly wouldn’t do anything that would make fun of my own faith. This is just chocolate cake, and it’s actually a love letter to Dallas.” I think she nailed it on the head with this statement. GCB is FUN. It’s pure camp silliness and riddled with rib-tickling one liners that made it such a great show to tune into after a hard days work and laugh your troubles away. I think detractors of the show seemed to be taking it to seriously and not just enjoying it for what it was. It truly is a shame cause I would have loved to hear more of Carlene Cockburn’s (Kristin Chenoweth’s character) legendary cut downs which more often than not directed at Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb).

The show’s clever writing, witticisms and insanely hilarious cast will be sorely missed, but I’ll find solace in the inevitable cult status the show will garner and look forward to the many GCB viewing marathons that no doubt await me in the future!

It’s been a while. I could bore you with a list of excuses as to why it’s been so very long since my last blog post, instead let’s just agree that I’m a big lazy slob and that’s why I’ve neglected my blog and undoubtedly left thousands, nay millions, of my loyal readers worried sick as to my whereabouts. AGREED!

Around this time of year proclamations of song of the summer, album of the summer, artist of the summer etc are being declared left right and centre. Whilst there have been many contenders for my album of the summer, I have a feeling Niki & the Dove’s debut album Instinct is going to remain at the top of my list throughout the, hopefully, crisp summer days and nights this year.

The Swedish song stylists have crafted a unique and hook laden debut, that was brilliantly described by a friend as like listening to a big fantasy adventure in an album. I would certainly have to agree, there’s something about Mahlin’s emotive and powerful voice paired with Gustaf’s spooky and at times asian sounding music and production that makes me feel like I’m listening to the soundtrack of some never released, lost and forgotten Studio Ghibli masterpiece.

The album features a lot of their early tracks like Mother Protect, Gentle Roar and DJ Ease My Mind. However, my favourites are definitely some of the newer tracks like Winterheart, Love to the test, and Last Night. Two standout tracks from the album that I cannot stop listening to this week are Somebody and In Our Eyes.

Somebody has a really cool Prince feel to it and In Our Eyes has this gorgeous chorus melody and to bo honest at the moment I just cannot get enough of these two tracks. In both of these songs there’s some really funny, verging on cheesy elements in the tracks that if employed by any other band would fall flat on their faces. Needless to say, Niki & The Dove are not any other band and manage to make even the most cheesy pre chorus or middle eight sound like pure pop perfection! If you haven’t acquainted yourself with these Pop masterminds, get yourself to HMV and buy Instinct. You won’t be disappointed!

*Spoilers Ahead!!!*

Is it just me or has this years Drag Race flown by? I can’t believe we’re already down to the final three and what a season Ru and the girls have given us! At first I felt this season was a little lacklustre, I do think the last couple of episodes (excluding Willam’s puke ridden and still mysterious expulsion from the show) lacked the same punch that some of the previous season’s did at the same stage in their competition. I just felt a little uninterested which is an adjective I never thought I would ever use to describe Drag Race.

Thankfully, things are well and truly back on track and the show has, in my eyes, definitely got it’s groove back. I loved the dog show element they introduced this year and I thought Sharon Needles was definitely the best with her perfectly matched-to-her-pooch poodle boots. Chad Michaels’ face was a vision of perfection as usual, unfortunately her outfits didn’t really match the flair and beauty of her flawlessly applied visage. You know what though, for me that’s ok because anything Chad lacks she makes up for with her charming and lovely personality ie. she can do no wrong in my eyes! Latrice Royale, my darling boo boo, was definitely the weakest of the bunch which I hate saying cause like Chad, Latrice has this incredible spirit and personality and such strength that I truly admire and love. I had really hoped she would make it to the top three but at the end of the day this is a competition and although I hate to admit it, Phi Phi was very good and deserved to debunk Latrice from her expected place at the top.

The subject of Phi Phi O’Hara and her repulsive behaviour and attitude is actually something that I wanted to discuss. I set up this blog to celebrate powerful women in media and I had kind of made an unsaid promise to myself that I would keep negative comments about people out of this space. Never the less, I have just got to the point where I am so tired of having to watch Phi Phi O’Hara’s aggressive, backstabbing and manically hot-headed behaviour on the show.

In nearly every episode, we’ve had to endure Phi Phi’s needless passive aggressive comments to the other girls and this episode was no different.  Sharon, truthfully, told the judges that Phi Phi was cut throat and was basically willing to throw all the other girls down the stairs to win the competition (which she won’t and if she does I’ll throw myself down the stairs). Of course, Phi Phi being the 26 year old temper tantrum throwing cross dressing baby that she is couldn’t just have a civilised conversation with Sharon to discuss the issue. Oh no, instead she unsurprisingly starts shouting and cursing at Sharon Needles and defensively rebukes Chad Michaels warm attempts to offer some very good advice for young Phi Phi. The advice basically being, calm the fuck down Phi Phi and stop hitting the roof every time someone says something you disagree with. Am I the only viewer who wants to shake Phi Phi O’Hara and say this to her?

The frustrating thing is Phi Phi is so talented. There’s no need for her to be such a bitch and try and get one up on her competitors with devious underhanded tactics. She’s a great performer, a beautiful queen (when she doesn’t cake on so much eye shadow) and overall she could have been a great addition to the Drag Race family. Unfortunately, I feel like she’s done herself a great disservice by happily filling in the role of this season’s asshole. Obviously, with reality TV they can edit the film to make someone look a certain way or to amplify certain aspects of a person’s personality. However, I don’t think Phi Phi’s mean spirited demeanour is down to editing, girl is just a bitch.

I’m really hoping next year, we don’t have to go through another one of these kinds of contestants. I’ve certainly had my fill of the Akashas, Tatianas and Phi Phis of Drag Race and I think it sets such a bad example to show members of the drag sisterhood, who are minorities within a minority, verbally tearing each other to shreds. Obviously people don’t always get along, but it’s the acidic venom that some of these contestants have spat at their fellow Queens that has just gotten so old so fast. I don’t watch Drag Race so that I can see some insecure, unhappy person talk shit about other members of their community. I watch it for the talented inspiring Queens who possess charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent in abundance and don’t need to rely on bringing each other down to get ahead. Anyway, rant over. Sharon Needles to win!

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