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In Awe Of…Athene

Hello world!

I’m Lorcan McElwain, and I’m a 23 year old singer songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. 

Having seen the huge backlash against the talented and beautiful Ms. Lana Del Rey, I decided it was high time that someone set up a space where the women of the entertainment world could be celebrated. I feel that a lot of negativity is thrown at women who occupy the media’s spotlight. If they aren’t being called Divas or Bitches (like it’s a bad thing), they’re being pitted against one another. It would seem that two successful women working in the Music or Film industry can feel nothing but an uncontrollable urge to tear out each other’s hair. Admittedly, some feuds between fabulous divas have been elevated to legendary status through the sheer creativity and hilarity behind the cattiness (hats off to you Joan Crawford and Bette Davis). However, most of the time this petty bickering seems to be constructed by the media. They do it as a means to sell their shoddy stories and play into the stereotype that women, by nature, are neurotic and can only feel bitter jealousy towards a successful peer. In the words of the Queen of Pop herself, it just feels so……reductive.

So Why Athene? Well, let’s talk about Athene. The motherless daughter of Zeus, The Goddess of Wisdom and all around pretty cool woman. She was known for her compassion and level headedness. Athene was often called upon to settle disputes like the Trojan War in which she descended upon the two feuding armies and made them swear an oath of peace. And the peace Athene so longed for was nearly hers until some bozo named Pandaros shot out an arrow and started the Trojan War. Now Athene is all for peace, but that idiot wrecked her peace treaty, so she fought on the opposing side and helped them come out victorious. Ever hear of the Trojan Horse? Yep, that was Athene’s idea. Even when Arachne weaved together a smack talking tapestry about Athena’s father Zeus she reacted fairly and justly. She tore Arachne’s tapestry to shreds and drove Arachne to hang herself. A harsh reaction perhaps but Athene pitied the woman and transformed Arachne into a creature all girls dream of becoming…… A giant spider. How thoughtful! I am in awe of Athene because she was an intelligent, strong willed woman who tried her best to do what was right. She strived for peace and justice but Athene also didn’t take no shit from no one and I respect that.

It’s 2012 and the entertainment landscape is filled with a huge array of amazing and diverse women in Film and Music.I hope that you will all follow me on my journey as I chronicle some of my favourite female artistic contributions of both present and past. Hopefully my next post won’t be as long but I’m quite longwinded so that’s highly doubtful. Hope you enjoyed reading.



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